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the gardner-before

Well, after a fairly busy breakfast, I’m not sure what really possessed me, but I decided to tackle the spot that I had been eyeing off for some time as a new sunflower garden.

Before  more before

The poor unloved piece of earth, right behind room 12 and 11, was crying out for some lovin’, and now that it was sporting a new fence as well, I felt it might be time to tackle that little garden area today.

What a day to tackle it! The sun was out and a cool breeze kept the sun from completely baking me. Never-the-less, the ever present collection of exoitic weeds required much digging and grunting effort from me, to yield the finished product. Mind you as I dug, I managed to produce several fully formed ready for cooking potatoes. Yes! You’ve never seen anyone as I excited as me as I pulled those spuds out. Not sure from whence they came, but happy to eat the results.

mid way through

So today I tilled and toiled, tomorrow I will sow and hopefully in about 12-14 weeks I shall reap my rewards. Pretty sunflowers, and a plethora of free mint in the minty corner.


Sitting out in the cool, surveying the back lawn, I see a sea of dandelion tufts. Its funny how life’s perspective on things changes. When I was a kid, nothing would give me greater pleasure that yanking one of those tufts up and blowing hard to release the seeds, and watching them ascend into the air. Now I look and them and think, aww crap, weeds!

Until next time

Stay Nice!


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