Winter finally here!

Hello to all my readers out there- hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there? Well, okay maybe not that many just yet, but bear with me on my ponderings… helps keep me sane!

Winter has finally arrived in Tassie! Its has been the warmest Autumn I have experienced here and frankly, I was beginning to feel a tad glum at the prospect of there being no snow in the higher up areas behind us. Coming from Darwin originally, I have this thing about snow. Maybe a lack of it growing up as a child, means a love of it now. Justin looks at me incredulously when I say I love the snow. Growing up in New Zealand he had ample opportunity to get his snow fill on. I had to rely on a childs imagination whilst shaking a snow dome standing in front of an open fridge to get my fix. Not the same as running around and throwing the stuff at the nearest unsuspecting passer by.

So cradle mountain has had a sprinkling last week as the antarctic blast came through the area.

Lighthouse     Bush

We were in Strahan at the time.
First time we have been since moving to The Island. What a treat.
We stayed at the lovely Franklin Manor and did the World Heritage Cruise.
The cruise was excellent, and despite being a little overcast, we thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Sarah Island. Lunch was a well coordinated affair and eveything was very well put together. I managed to get some pretty good shots I think! And because its not peak season, there are deals to be had and space to enjoy it all to yourself.
So, in my humble opinion, the best time to come to Tassie is now! Snow in them thar hills and deals everywhere and best of all, no crowds, plenty of solitude and thinking time!

Cheers all

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