Pet Friendly Rooms

We have two rooms at the end of the property designated for visitors with pets. We prefer smaller to medium sized pets (20kg in size or less) only that are house pets and well mannered! We charge a small pet fee to cover the additional cleaning we undertake when we have four legged visitors. Download our pet friendly policy to get the low down on how the pet friendly accommodation works.

We have designated a special “paws suite” that is close to the beach and walking areas. We welcome your pooch to come and visit us with you at The Waterfront, but need both owners and pets to follow a few requests to ensure a happy stay:

  • No more than one pet per room, 20kg or less , as our rooms are not really geared up for more pet than that!
  • All furry friends are to be well mannered and able to play quietly within the rooms, and not chase and annoy other guests.
  • All furry friends must be “inside pets” that are well groomed, clean, flea free and house trained. If you have a call of nature outside, your owner should make arrangements to dispose of your deposit thoughtfully.
  • Please be aware we will require credit card details on check in, to cover any additional cleaning or repairs that may result from your pets visit.
  • If your furry friends cannot settle in the rooms and cause disturbance to other guests, we will need alternative arrangements made to house them for the evening.
  • Please do not leave your furry friends alone in the rooms. We are happy to have them come along for breakfast as we have an alfresco dining area at the front of the restaurant.
  • Please ensure your furry friends resist the temptation to jump on or chew the furniture- not a good look for a pet with poise. Please feel free to use the pet blanket provided.
  • Please bring along your furry friends’ favourite bedding, towel, toys, dinner bowl and food.

If we can stick to a few simple housekeeping rules, then we can all have a great holiday together!

Mollie- Canine Guest Relations Manager